Ceiling Track Hoists

A ceiling track hoist system is a type of overhead hoist that is commonly used for moving and handling. The core components of a ceiling track hoist system are the tracking, a hoist unit and a spreader bar. Overhead ceiling track hoist systems are popular because they provide several benefits over mobile hoists. They don’t take up any floor space which reduces trip hazards and keeps rooms looking neat and tidy. They also have a greater lifting range, which means they can be used to move patients higher and lower to safely perform transfers that would be impossible with a mobile hoist. Despite these clear benefits, healthcare professionals and individual carers that we work with are often concerned about choosing the right ceiling track hoist system. This is because there are lots of decisions to make! Ceiling track hoists are bespoke systems, so there are multiple options to choose from for each of the core system components. Get In Touch.

Different Types Of Track


A single, straight rail is fitted. This type of tracking is typically used where the hoist system is only needed to transfer someone from bed to chair, and vice versa. The monorail can run perpendicular to the bed or on an angle to provide a more suitable transfer area. This system layout only provides limited coverage but is easy to use and is quicker to install than more complicated systems.


Just like with a straight monorail, a single rail is fitted. There is a straight portion of rail with an additional curved section. Curves can be at a 15o, 30 o, 45 o, 60 o or 90o angle, depending on the space they will be used in. This type of layout is also designed primarily for bed to chair transfer. The addition of the curve is often just to provide some cosmetic benefits. For example, adding the curve can create a more suitable space for a charging point, if one is required. It makes it easier to tuck the hoist unit away when it is not in use. It is also possible to install a cupboard around the curve point so the hoist can be stored away when not needed. This option offers a much more aesthetically pleasing solution that can more closely resemble our Integralift hidden hoist than a traditional ceiling track hoist system.


A H-frame system, sometimes called an X-Y system, consists of three pieces rather than one single rail. There are two parallel fixed rails and one perpendicular moving traverse rail.For those in environments such as care homes, this system layout is our recommendation as it can provide full room coverage, as the hoist can reach all areas covered under the H-frame. The additional coverage means H-frames can be used for transfers between multiple locations e.g. bed to chair or bed to wheelchair. Plus, this system layout gives you more interior design options in the future. You can update the furniture layout at any point because the hoist has full coverage of the room. The traverse rail also makes this system more flexible; the hoist can be moved forward, backward and side to side!

Curved Rail Stairlift

With a more challenging staircase a curved rail is needed, these stairlifts get around bends on your staircase when your stairs "Fan". Although more expensive than the traditional straight rail these lifts are still of very similar build quality and batteries have the same life expectancy. We have qualified installation and service stairlift engineers ready to go! We may be able to offer a locals discount for you if you live in Cornwall or Devon, so get in touch today. Get In Touch

Step Lift

Low level access step lifts are more conventionally found in public premisis and residential areas. These lifts are perfect if you are a wheelchair user, to safely get from one level to another. At Next Level Lifts our lift engineers are able to carry out full Services, Repairs and Loler reports on all step lifts. If you feel our services can help please get in touch.

Wheelchair Lifts - Deployable

These types of lift are especially usefull when you need the use of a stairwell and have no additional room to install a small lifting platform lift. These lifts are also found in sports centers, schools, courts, offices & even some homes. We're passionate about giving you the best experience with your lifting equpment and Service, Repair & maintain your equipment to the highest of standards

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