Patient Carrying Hoists

What is a Hoist or Lift? A hoist is simply a type of mechanical device for lifting that can work to elevate someone from a sitting position, and move them safely into another area, such as a bathtub, seat, or bed. Some hoists can even carry patients horizontally between areas in a room. Get In Touch.

Different Types Of Hoists


Pool Hoists are most commonly installed by pools in leisure centres, hotels and other communal areas where hot tubs, hydrotherapy pools, jacuzzis, public pools or spas exist. They are low maintenance products and can be used to hoist people above and below water. Some pool hoists can be permanently fixed to the poolside, while other products, such as the I-Swim Pool Hoist, are designed to be a mobile product.


These hoists are a necessity for many patients who struggle with mobility issues, including those who may be unable to wash without the aid of a carer. Bath Hoists can be utilised for any type of existing baths, which can save our customers from having to replace entire bath fixtures. Created with a stainless steel frame to prevent rusting, certain bath hoists are designed with the option to move hoist controls nearer to the bath user, which can provide more independence. Additionally, certain bathing hoists offer a 360 ĚŠrotating chair for ease of use in many locations.


Ceiling Hoists are highly sophisticated, permanent fixtures which are installed overhead with a track system. This effectively allows patients to be transferred with minimal discomfort and risk of injury. Ceiling hoists also increase floor space and certain models can also be height adjusted accordingly with the size of the room. Suitable for use in both public and private spaces, ceiling hoists can reduce the support required from carers. Find Out More


Mobile Hoists are primarily used in the moving and handling of patients. Unlike ceiling hoists, these products can be used for two purposes - to help with standing and lifting. Considerably less bulky than static products, mobile hoists are designed to be lightweight and easily transportable. With high weight capacities of up to 180kg, the hoists are often available in electric and hydraulic options. However, it is recommended that mobile hoists are to be used for short distances only - for example, to travel around a room or to get to and from a bath.


Slings are not hoists in their own right but can be used with existing hoist mechanisms to transfer patients. You can find slings with added features to support the head and to secure the person for safe transfers.

Different Types Of Slings:

  • Bathing Slings
  • Toileting Slings
  • In-Situ Slings
  • Transfer Slings
  • Standing Slings

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Curved Rail Stairlift

With a more challenging staircase a curved rail is needed, these stairlifts get around bends on your staircase when your stairs "Fan". Although more expensive than the traditional straight rail these lifts are still of very similar build quality and batteries have the same life expectancy. We have qualified installation and service stairlift engineers ready to go! We may be able to offer a locals discount for you if you live in Cornwall or Devon, so get in touch today. Get In Touch

Step Lift

Low level access step lifts are more conventionally found in public premisis and residential areas. These lifts are perfect if you are a wheelchair user, to safely get from one level to another. At Next Level Lifts our lift engineers are able to carry out full Services, Repairs and Loler reports on all step lifts. If you feel our services can help please get in touch.

Wheelchair Lifts - Deployable

These types of lift are especially usefull when you need the use of a stairwell and have no additional room to install a small lifting platform lift. These lifts are also found in sports centers, schools, courts, offices & even some homes. We're passionate about giving you the best experience with your lifting equpment and Service, Repair & maintain your equipment to the highest of standards

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