Platform Lifts - Worm Drive - Hydraulic -Traction

To us, Platform Lifts are much more than just machines. Making homes, public buildings and workplaces accessible is both hugely rewarding and satisfying. Our dedicated team are on hand and waiting to solve your accessibility challenges. Of course, not every lift that we install is born out of an immediate need. The Residential Lift sector is steadily growing as more and more people are choosing to future-proof their homes, whilst at the same time creating a focal feature with the ‘wow-factor’. The different needs from lifts can vary greatly. Tall buildings with many floors require smooth and sturdy platform and cabin lifts transporting a large number of people consistently. Within the business environment transferring appliances, stock and equipment via goods lifts are a necessity especially when products are heavy, which we cater for effectively with our platform lifts with goods specialities. The different needs of lifts can vary greatly and our engineers can service your Platform lift accordingly whilst keeping the price down. Get In Touch.

Different Types Of Drives

  • Screw and nut drive system
    The first drive system we'll look at is the screw and nut system. This works by utilising a steel screw pole which runs the full length of the shaft. A drive nut on the screw is attached to a motor on the platform. The motor turns the nut and depending on the direction of rotation the lift will go either up or down. The installation of this system often requires a supporting wall especially on longer travel lifts in order to stabilise the unit. This system requires routine lubrication of the thread, often done by a self lubricating system. The disadvantages of this system are the wear and tear on the thread of the screw and drive nut. It is usually only possible to glaze three sides of the lift shaft due to one wall being used to conceal the screw thread.

  • Hydraulic drive system
    The next drive system to look at is the hydraulic drive system. In this system, the lift platform is attached to a hydraulic ram. To move the lift, hydraulic fluid is pushed via a pump from a central reservoir into the ram. The ram extends and the lift rises, to lower the lift, the flow is reversed. The disadvantages of this system are that there is an additional space requirement for a pump and reservoir unit, and also that hydraulic fluid can sometimes give off an odour in hot weather.

  • Encapsulated chain drive system
    The final form of drive system we'll look at is the encapsulated drive system. The key part of this system is the chain which is encased in a highly durable polyurethane plastic casing which guides the chain and ensures that slippage is virtually impossible. A motor and gearbox at top of the shaft turns a driveshaft that the chains are attached to. The chains are attached to either side of the platform. As the driveshaft rotates the chains are either pulled or pushed and hence the platform moves upwards or downwards.

Curved Rail Stairlift

With a more challenging staircase a curved rail is needed, these stairlifts get around bends on your staircase when your stairs "Fan". Although more expensive than the traditional straight rail these lifts are still of very similar build quality and batteries have the same life expectancy. We have qualified installation and service stairlift engineers ready to go! We may be able to offer a locals discount for you if you live in Cornwall or Devon, so get in touch today. Get In Touch

Step Lift

Low level access step lifts are more conventionally found in public premisis and residential areas. These lifts are perfect if you are a wheelchair user, to safely get from one level to another. At Next Level Lifts our lift engineers are able to carry out full Services, Repairs and Loler reports on all step lifts. If you feel our services can help please get in touch.

Wheelchair Lifts - Deployable

These types of lift are especially usefull when you need the use of a stairwell and have no additional room to install a small lifting platform lift. These lifts are also found in sports centers, schools, courts, offices & even some homes. We're passionate about giving you the best experience with your lifting equpment and Service, Repair & maintain your equipment to the highest of standards

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • We cover Cornwall & Devon and all surrounding areas. If you're outside of this area, please get in touch for a quick chat as this still may be achievable.

  • Our lift engineers are trained and experienced to the highest of standards, ensuring the best quality of workmanship to your lift and/or stairlift.

  • We pride ourselves on the savings we've achieved our customers throughout Cornwall & Devon. Not only can we not be beaten on quality, but we wont be beaten on price.

  • We can service, repair, maintain most lifting equipment throughout Cornwall & Devon, this includes but is not restricted to the following items:

    • Passenger Lifts
    • Platform Lifts
    • Through The Floor Lifts
    • High level access lifts
    • Goods Lifts
    • Stairlifts
    • Dumb Waiters
    • Ceiling Track Hoists
    • Patient Hoists
    • Tail Lifts
    • Slings
  • We're more than happy to still take care of your repairs, breakdowns & Loler examinations and/or insurance item repair works that are required to be carried out.

  • We offer a full 24hr 7day a week call out to all of our contracted customers.
    Office Hours are 8:30am to 16:30pm Mon - Fri.